Where to start…

Last time I put any thoughts here was September. Where to start?

If you get our emails then you already know we’ve moved to the west coast. Say WHAT?! Yep. We’re making music and friends in Portland, Oregon. It’s beautiful and strange. We love it, but we know it’s not a choice for everyone. Ian decided to stay in the Philly area and has just joined our dear friends Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian as their new drummer. We miss his understated beats. We miss his crazy wit. But he will forever be a bee. It was tough to make such a drastic change, but we felt compelled to get involved in something new.

time to go

time to go. Photo by Colby Walters

On a personal note, I’ve lived in PA for my entire life (unlike my gypsy counterpart, Chad). If you know me well, you’re familiar with my bipolar coupling of wanderlust and intense fear of change. This experience has been quite different though. Change was necessary for me and for my art, if only to hope at seeing things with new eyes.

The minute we got on the road, I felt alive in ways I’ve never known before. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this country of mine is.

so blue

Photo by Colby Walters

red clay

Photo by Colby Walters

This country I’ve never tried to explore before. It just opened itself up, one mountain, one desert at a time, welcoming me to the life that always existed, but I couldn’t see until I stopped being so afraid. I’m changed from the experience. I’m grateful for my life and every tiny, large and unfathomable thing my eyes have now seen. I know this is a common experience, so many of you can relate. I’m just happy to finally join the fun.

golden rolling hills

Photo by Colby Walters

So where do we take this band from here?
For now, it’s back to Chad and me. We’re diving in, gigging as a duo and planning to collaborate with other Portland musicians, and maybe even put a full band back together.

The last thing I did before leaving the Philly area was to collaborate on a songwriting project with prolific Philadelphia songwriter, Chris Peace. I welcome the opportunity to do more of this sort. Chris approached me about a year ago and said “I’ve written something for you. Would you help me interpret it?” Um, hell yes. Chris has been a friend, a fellow songwriter and one of two main people (the other being Chad) that I’ve looked up to as an example of what it is to live in truth as a musician. He recognizes himself at his musical core and serves music joyfully (and skillfully). That’s it. I love his simplicity and strive towards it. If you want to hear what we did together, it’s just been released HERE.

Christine looks up edited


That’s what I want for the band as we move forward. More collaboration, more connection, more genuineness, less internal struggle, less hiding. I won’t be afraid any longer of my own thoughts being listened to…or ignored. I’ll let the truth fall where it does, because that’s what needs to happen.

Touring and The Good Stuff

Hey guys,

We just got back from our mini tour last week and thought you might like to hear a bit about it:
We played gigs in Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As you can see below, I didn’t take any pictures of our actual shows (stage selfies, anyone?), just these little bits of new perspective that made me smile along the way — the good stuff.

Our First stop was Gypsy Haven – a horse farm and outdoor house concert venue in Galena, MD. This is a beautiful place right by the eastern shore. Bruce and Terri, the owners, are awesome and welcoming people, and so is their entire crowd.

Acoustic Coffeehouse Johnson City, TN

On Wednesday, we got our first experience with busking on the streets of Downtown Charlottesville, VA. One guy almost fell into my guitar case while trying to throw in some money – too much partying, I guess. Another group asked me to sing ‘happy birthday’ to their friend, which I did in the cheesiest way imaginable, while making them all sing along (think 5-year-old’s birthday party). People walking the Downtown Mall were very receptive to street music, We played for about an hour and even made a enough to buy ourselves a decent dinner.

The Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN had very friendly folks too – mostly college students from the nearby ETSU. We played a show on Thursday night. Some genuine hospitality there. A man who called himself ‘John Boy’ invited us to his pig roast, and when we had to decline, since we were only staying in town for the night, he handed us a doggie bag full of pork barbecue goodness.

Jorja's turntable

We stayed overnight with Jorja, from the Acoustic Coffeehouse. She is warm and friendly, and her home is an amazing menagerie of art, music, tapestries, miscellaneous instruments and free spirit. Plus, she had Earl Scruggs on the record player next to a CD of Wilco’s ‘Summer Teeth.’
busy bee tennessee

Fun Fact: Johnson City has your one-stop solution for DIAMONDS AND GUNS!

Acoustic Songs Live, WNJR - College radio

Acoustic Songs Live, WNJR – College radio

T. Mitchell Bell, host of WNJR's Acoustic Songs Live

T. Mitchell Bell, host of WNJR’s Acoustic Songs Live

mics wnjr studio pittsburgh

Clear view from the top - Pittsburgh, PA

Clear view from the top – Pittsburgh, PA

On Saturday afternoon, we had the pleasure of meeting fellow musician and radio host, T. Mitchell Bell at the WNJR 91.7 radio studio. We were his guests on the show Acoustic Songs Live. If you go to the video page, you can listen (and WATCH!) the entire show.

We had a few hours to bum around Pittsburgh after the radio show so we hung out at the top of the world and then went to the Southside for some vintage clothes, Primanti Brothers sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.

Fun Fact: Both Johnson City and Pittsburgh have a destination called THE BEE HIVE.

Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV

Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV

Alone on a hill - 2014 tour

Alone on a hill – 2014 tour

The only stop on the tour that I wish I’d documented better was our Sunday show at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV. John, the owner, is a really great guy who put us up for the night in a community house above the venue with a balcony and a sleepy cat named Raven. It was such a cool spot.

We arrived late Saturday night after winding through the West Virginia hills with very long stretches of nothingness and hairpin turns that only the longtime locals could navigate with any confidence. Just as I found myself thinking “what middle-of-nowhere trouble did I get us into?” we came around another sharp turn and BAM! There were lights, shops and people spilling out into the street just in front of the Purple Fiddle. The place was jumping!

This is a music-loving community and a great sounding venue that’s been hosting live music for over a decade and has seen the likes of Kaki King and the Avett Brothers. We were happy to have the opportunity to play there.

Get back to where you once belonged

Hello, hello.

Hope you guys are all doing well.

Guess what?  We’re back in the studio recording some new music!  We’re doing it in one quick shot – laying down 4 new tracks at Morningstar Studios  with the help of the amazing Mr. Glenn Barratt.  We should have a brand new EP ready in relatively short order!  We’ll keep you in the what’s-up-now.

Meanwhile, tonight we’ll be in Philly playing at The Institute Bar at 9 pm.  Here’s a pic from our show there last month for Make Music Philly day.

institute pic




Oh, the SUN

Oh, how I love the sun and the waking of things.

During this wicked winter, the band took time out to write some new songs.  It’s going to be so satisfying playing them out this summer.

First SPRING gig is a performance at LAUNCH Music Festival, Friday, April 18th @ 9:30 PM.
We’ll do a set at the Lancaster Dispensing Co. stage. If you buy a festival pass, it’s free. If not, $5 at the door. I recommend taking in as many of the shows as you can. Some really great musicians will be playing all weekend.launch logo square

The PHILADELPHIA FOLKSONG SOCIETY has asked us to come back to The Tin Angel on June 6th. They’re picking bands to play at the Philadelphia Folk Festival this summer and this show is our chance.  We’ll be one of 4 bands vying for a spot at the festival that night, and they were pretty clear; The CROWD COUNTS.  
phila folk fest

June 6th – 8:00pm Tin Angel 

Tickets online or direct from the band

In addition to playing good music, the Philadelphia Folk Festival crew is looking for us to draw an enthusiastic crowd to this event. You can literally cheer us into A SPOT ON THE STAGE AT PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL! The more people show up to CHEER for us at the Tin Angel show on June 6th, the better!

Help us rally! Bring friends!  Have fun and make some noise!  If there’s enough interest, we’ll put together another bus trip to the venue that night.  GET TICKETS or CONTACT US!


Bees In A Bottle’s “Lost” was featured on 93.7 WSTW

We have you to thank.  By going to a radio station page and requesting a song, you’ve played a huge part in gaining us exposure, airplay and more listeners.  If you’ve got the time…

Request a song here!

And Here!

2014: The year of the bees

Happy New Year!

We’ve got some exciting things coming in 2014, which makes me believe truly that THIS is the year of the bees. 🙂 Our album got a pretty awesome review from Canadian music blog, Sleeping Bag Studios.  Read it here! I figure I should put this out there so I’m held somewhat accountable to you and cannot easily back out: We’re planning our fitin angel logo 3rst Bees In A Bottle tour for this summer. (!!) This is my first attempt at booking an indie tour, so it should be a thrilling mess, and ultimately, a good time.  Should we get a van?
First up is our return to the Tin Angel on January 18th.  This is a stripped down Christine & Chad set at 7:30 PM.  We’re opening the show for Christine Havrilla.  She’s a Philly favorite.  If you haven’t heard her, you should go check her out at her website:  www.christinehavrilla.com 

Tin Angel – Jan. 18th – 7:30 PM:

buy tickets!

women of substance logoWe just found out that our music is getting airplay on Women of Substance Radio, a AAA radio station.  They’ll be playing our music early in the 7-8 pm (EST) hour on Wednesday & Thursday nights for the next 3 months!  We want to continue receiving airplay on this station, and we’re trying to make it into their TOP TEN list.  Please help us make it happen!

Here’s HOW:

 VOTE FOR US!  Give a “thumbs up” as soon as you hear our song on the station (you have to be logged into Live365.com to vote), or send a “shout out” about how much you love our song from their Live365 Station Page.

LISTEN TO WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE RADIO – Wed. & Thurs. Nights @ 7:00 PM!!:

Once again, we’ve been asked to showcase for the Philadelphia Songwriter’s Project.  This time at Melodies in Ardmore, PA.  We’ll play a short set this Wednesday night, January

8th at 7:30 PM.  $10 at the door.  If you’re in the area, come out, hoot and holler, and listen to some pretty amazing regional musicians.
That’s what’s up!  Now back to the summer tour ….anyone want to book a house concert in Ohio, Chicago, Massachusetts or Tennessee?

Northstar Bar – This Thursday, Nov. 14th !

Looks like it’s that time again.  The HOLIDAYS have begun cartwheeling toward the new year and I can’t stop eating Halloween Candy! Please, someone sew my mouth shut for a day or two.

Our October shows were fun.  The Mercury did a feature on us for the Schuylkill River Fest.  you can read it Here.

Our next show is a last minute addition: North Star Bar – November 14th @ 8:00 PM. We’ll be co-billing with a Brooklyn band called Jus Post Bellum. http://juspostbellum.bandcamp.com/  Catchy, yes? It’s going to be a great night of music in Philly, but we JUST added this show yesterday, so please help spread the word to your friends and come join us next Thursday night! BUY TICKETS HERE!  north-star-logo small







In honor of the way-too-early-can-we-please-get-through-Thanksgiving-first Christmas rush,   I’ve recently unearthed a song from the old Bees In A Bottle home studio recordings.

It’s a song we submitted to Pottstown for use in their 2010 holiday CD to raise money for their downtown improvement efforts that year.  The CD featured songs by local artists, poets, the Mayor and even Eric Bazilian (Of The Hooters)  I took the lyrics from a traditional Christmas song and completely rewrote the music.  I think it gave the words fresh meaning.   Yes? No?  In either case, enjoy!

Christmas Song – It Came Upon the Midnight Clear  pottstown christmas cd smallest

Have a good November, and  we’ll see you this Thursday night!

Happy Halloween Sugar High Hangovers to all!


To everything, turn turn turn

Summer’s over, we’re surrounded by thoughts of the fall and I’m feeling optimistic. Our Tin Angel show was energized by lots of faces and a great opening set from our friends, Mr. Fuzzy & The Barbarian. Thank you guys for having adventurous, music-loving spirits and packing the house that night.

We also added a new member to the band this month. Leland Plumridge, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and world traveler is now handling the basslines for Bees In A Bottle.
leland brighter
He’s played a handful of shows with us now, so there are a bunch of good-looking, well-lit and badass pics of him emerging, but I keep reusing this one because, frankly, it makes me giggle.

Here’s something kinda cool:  A few months ago, one of my poems placed 4th in the MCCC Writers’ Club Annual Community Fiction & Poetry Contest. It was just printed in their latest edition of the Pen & Ink Times.  Like many things, it has since morphed into a Bees In A Bottle song, Close To The Shore. If you’d like to read it, click here.

Pics are up from the Sam Ash show. They were taken by Eric Ayers, graphic artist/photographer.   http://www.ericayers.com

The next show is Saturday, Oct. 12th, 1:00 PM.  We’ll be doing a short set (1/2 hour or so) at the Schuylkill River Festival. It’s  held at Pottstown’s Riverfront Park and they’re advertising food venders, a beer garden, kayak rentals,  artists, crafters, live music, etc.

Just a few days later, Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 7:30 PM, we’ll be showcasing for the Philadelphia Songwriters’ Project at Jolly’s on Chestnut St, Philadelphia.  This will be a rare occasion to see an old school, stripped-down acoustic Christine & Chad set.  It’s a $5.00 ticket with a few other acts and after the show, there’s an open mic, so bring your music boxes.

PS: The more people come out to Jolly’s to support us, the greater our chances to be fast-tracked in the Philadelphia Song Contest for 2014!

See you soon,


Tin Angel – this weekend!

Some pics are finally up in the photo gallery from our CD release party (thanks to Eric Thompson for taking them).  Here’s a random one to start you off:

Chris Ian 2Last Saturday we had a double-header, in-store performance at Sam Ash Music.  The stage, with fantastic sound & lighting, was set in the middle of the store. It  was a strange, new experience for us.   We’re grateful to the folks at Sam Ash, KOP for asking us to play, manning the soundboard, and putting our new album in rotation to play in the store.   We had a few very talented friends come out and they took some great photos.  I’ll post some to our photo gallery soon.  Also, Eric Thompson of independent film company, Ninth Day Films is now editing some live video from the show!  “Three Walls” is the first to emerge.  Go check it out!  We’ll post more soon.

COMING UP…..this Saturday, Aug. 31st, we have the TIN ANGEL show in Philly!

tin angelSo excited for this one.  Our opener is a great Americana, Bluegrass trio; Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian.  They are awesome and fun.  And again, Mr. Leland Plumridge will be joining us on Bass.  He’s pretty awesome and fun, too.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, now’s the time – they’re going fast!  And if you’re coming from the western ‘burbs, we have a bus trip going to the show.  That’s right, just like your field trips in grade school, only infinitely more cool, and no bologna sandwiches in brown bags.  $10.00 per person, but space is limited, so if you’re planning to get on board, contact us right away.  It’s leaving from the American Barber Co. in Main Street, Collegeville around 6:45 pm.


Sko!Fest 2013 (Sat., July 27th) – Outdoor House Concert

Sko!Fest is this Saturday, July 27th.  This is an outdoor House Concert in Spring Mount, PA that’s open to all. Swimming, food, drink and of course, live music by Bees In a Bottle.  If you’re planning to attend, please send a message (on the CONTACT page)  and you’ll get a response with the address of the House Concert.   Guest musician, Mitch Krauss on bass for this show.  See you there!

outdoor house concert