by Christine McAllister

In the gap –

The dark shard lengthening

Between the words I used

And the way I felt,

I slept.


I slept with aching jaw

And swollen heart

Slumped tender against a

Stinging steel cage


I slept in quiet shadow lies, that is,

Until the shift –

The two sides

Groaning to  close  in

Friction as fantasy

Scraped on bone,

On skin


I cried from blaring naked Truth

And gathered the irritated myths of youth


But Friction is everywhere.

Between ocean water and air

Between fingers and hair

Forever shaping

So gradually

Only stillness sees.


Still I squeezed the body out

Before the two sides did meet,

Expelled by pressure and heat

Then dragged my hollow knowledge ‘cross the sand

To ride away in it

High atop a wave of information

That never came close to the shore.