Touring and The Good Stuff

Hey guys,

We just got back from our mini tour last week and thought you might like to hear a bit about it:
We played gigs in Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

As you can see below, I didn’t take any pictures of our actual shows (stage selfies, anyone?), just these little bits of new perspective that made me smile along the way — the good stuff.

Our First stop was Gypsy Haven – a horse farm and outdoor house concert venue in Galena, MD. This is a beautiful place right by the eastern shore. Bruce and Terri, the owners, are awesome and welcoming people, and so is their entire crowd.

Acoustic Coffeehouse Johnson City, TN

On Wednesday, we got our first experience with busking on the streets of Downtown Charlottesville, VA. One guy almost fell into my guitar case while trying to throw in some money – too much partying, I guess. Another group asked me to sing ‘happy birthday’ to their friend, which I did in the cheesiest way imaginable, while making them all sing along (think 5-year-old’s birthday party). People walking the Downtown Mall were very receptive to street music, We played for about an hour and even made a enough to buy ourselves a decent dinner.

The Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN had very friendly folks too – mostly college students from the nearby ETSU. We played a show on Thursday night. Some genuine hospitality there. A man who called himself ‘John Boy’ invited us to his pig roast, and when we had to decline, since we were only staying in town for the night, he handed us a doggie bag full of pork barbecue goodness.

Jorja's turntable

We stayed overnight with Jorja, from the Acoustic Coffeehouse. She is warm and friendly, and her home is an amazing menagerie of art, music, tapestries, miscellaneous instruments and free spirit. Plus, she had Earl Scruggs on the record player next to a CD of Wilco’s ‘Summer Teeth.’
busy bee tennessee

Fun Fact: Johnson City has your one-stop solution for DIAMONDS AND GUNS!

Acoustic Songs Live, WNJR - College radio

Acoustic Songs Live, WNJR – College radio

T. Mitchell Bell, host of WNJR's Acoustic Songs Live

T. Mitchell Bell, host of WNJR’s Acoustic Songs Live

mics wnjr studio pittsburgh

Clear view from the top - Pittsburgh, PA

Clear view from the top – Pittsburgh, PA

On Saturday afternoon, we had the pleasure of meeting fellow musician and radio host, T. Mitchell Bell at the WNJR 91.7 radio studio. We were his guests on the show Acoustic Songs Live. If you go to the video page, you can listen (and WATCH!) the entire show.

We had a few hours to bum around Pittsburgh after the radio show so we hung out at the top of the world and then went to the Southside for some vintage clothes, Primanti Brothers sandwiches and ice cream sundaes.

Fun Fact: Both Johnson City and Pittsburgh have a destination called THE BEE HIVE.

Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV

Purple Fiddle, Thomas WV

Alone on a hill - 2014 tour

Alone on a hill – 2014 tour

The only stop on the tour that I wish I’d documented better was our Sunday show at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, WV. John, the owner, is a really great guy who put us up for the night in a community house above the venue with a balcony and a sleepy cat named Raven. It was such a cool spot.

We arrived late Saturday night after winding through the West Virginia hills with very long stretches of nothingness and hairpin turns that only the longtime locals could navigate with any confidence. Just as I found myself thinking “what middle-of-nowhere trouble did I get us into?” we came around another sharp turn and BAM! There were lights, shops and people spilling out into the street just in front of the Purple Fiddle. The place was jumping!

This is a music-loving community and a great sounding venue that’s been hosting live music for over a decade and has seen the likes of Kaki King and the Avett Brothers. We were happy to have the opportunity to play there.

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