Oh, the SUN

Oh, how I love the sun and the waking of things.

During this wicked winter, the band took time out to write some new songs.  It’s going to be so satisfying playing them out this summer.

First SPRING gig is a performance at LAUNCH Music Festival, Friday, April 18th @ 9:30 PM.
We’ll do a set at the Lancaster Dispensing Co. stage. If you buy a festival pass, it’s free. If not, $5 at the door. I recommend taking in as many of the shows as you can. Some really great musicians will be playing all weekend.launch logo square

The PHILADELPHIA FOLKSONG SOCIETY has asked us to come back to The Tin Angel on June 6th. They’re picking bands to play at the Philadelphia Folk Festival this summer and this show is our chance.  We’ll be one of 4 bands vying for a spot at the festival that night, and they were pretty clear; The CROWD COUNTS.  
phila folk fest

June 6th – 8:00pm Tin Angel 

Tickets online or direct from the band

In addition to playing good music, the Philadelphia Folk Festival crew is looking for us to draw an enthusiastic crowd to this event. You can literally cheer us into A SPOT ON THE STAGE AT PHILADELPHIA FOLK FESTIVAL! The more people show up to CHEER for us at the Tin Angel show on June 6th, the better!

Help us rally! Bring friends!  Have fun and make some noise!  If there’s enough interest, we’ll put together another bus trip to the venue that night.  GET TICKETS or CONTACT US!


Bees In A Bottle’s “Lost” was featured on 93.7 WSTW

We have you to thank.  By going to a radio station page and requesting a song, you’ve played a huge part in gaining us exposure, airplay and more listeners.  If you’ve got the time…

Request a song here!

And Here!

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