Northstar Bar – This Thursday, Nov. 14th !

Looks like it’s that time again.  The HOLIDAYS have begun cartwheeling toward the new year and I can’t stop eating Halloween Candy! Please, someone sew my mouth shut for a day or two.

Our October shows were fun.  The Mercury did a feature on us for the Schuylkill River Fest.  you can read it Here.

Our next show is a last minute addition: North Star Bar – November 14th @ 8:00 PM. We’ll be co-billing with a Brooklyn band called Jus Post Bellum.  Catchy, yes? It’s going to be a great night of music in Philly, but we JUST added this show yesterday, so please help spread the word to your friends and come join us next Thursday night! BUY TICKETS HERE!  north-star-logo small







In honor of the way-too-early-can-we-please-get-through-Thanksgiving-first Christmas rush,   I’ve recently unearthed a song from the old Bees In A Bottle home studio recordings.

It’s a song we submitted to Pottstown for use in their 2010 holiday CD to raise money for their downtown improvement efforts that year.  The CD featured songs by local artists, poets, the Mayor and even Eric Bazilian (Of The Hooters)  I took the lyrics from a traditional Christmas song and completely rewrote the music.  I think it gave the words fresh meaning.   Yes? No?  In either case, enjoy!

Christmas Song – It Came Upon the Midnight Clear  pottstown christmas cd smallest

Have a good November, and  we’ll see you this Thursday night!

Happy Halloween Sugar High Hangovers to all!


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