Thanks for kickin’ it with us…

Below is a list of some of the people who helped us make our first record in one way or another. Simply put, We love them. 😉

Momma Hawk
Missa Reid
Jennifer Yost
Eric J Thompson
Bob Matsko
Sarah Vogan
Tim Dineen
Angela & Adam Doyle
David March
Jim Thomas
The Bligans
Chelle Max
The Jackmores
Joseph & Katherine Hughes
Ron & Sonia W.
Bonnie Gardner
Julie A.
Tracey & Nick Hawk
Leslie & Ashley DeFrancesco
The Krauss House with Kris
Janellen Farmer & Bill Vogan
Wanda & Mark Burke
John & Jane Farmer
Susan Erickson
Sandy Erickson
Tom & Sally Matsko
Jeanne Cochran
Chrissy’s True Believer
The Coccis
Ed Linder
The Carrolls
Pat Thurber
Joan Dayter
Melissa DiBruno
David & Janet Vogan
Lairen Hawk
Eric Ayers
The Reads
Tim B.
Brian W.
Glenn B.

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