Where to start…

Last time I put any thoughts here was September. Where to start?

If you get our emails then you already know we’ve moved to the west coast. Say WHAT?! Yep. We’re making music and friends in Portland, Oregon. It’s beautiful and strange. We love it, but we know it’s not a choice for everyone. Ian decided to stay in the Philly area and has just joined our dear friends Mr. Fuzzy and the Barbarian as their new drummer. We miss his understated beats. We miss his crazy wit. But he will forever be a bee. It was tough to make such a drastic change, but we felt compelled to get involved in something new.

time to go

time to go. Photo by Colby Walters

On a personal note, I’ve lived in PA for my entire life (unlike my gypsy counterpart, Chad). If you know me well, you’re familiar with my bipolar coupling of wanderlust and intense fear of change. This experience has been quite different though. Change was necessary for me and for my art, if only to hope at seeing things with new eyes.

The minute we got on the road, I felt alive in ways I’ve never known before. I couldn’t believe how beautiful this country of mine is.

so blue

Photo by Colby Walters

red clay

Photo by Colby Walters

This country I’ve never tried to explore before. It just opened itself up, one mountain, one desert at a time, welcoming me to the life that always existed, but I couldn’t see until I stopped being so afraid. I’m changed from the experience. I’m grateful for my life and every tiny, large and unfathomable thing my eyes have now seen. I know this is a common experience, so many of you can relate. I’m just happy to finally join the fun.

golden rolling hills

Photo by Colby Walters

So where do we take this band from here?
For now, it’s back to Chad and me. We’re diving in, gigging as a duo and planning to collaborate with other Portland musicians, and maybe even put a full band back together.

The last thing I did before leaving the Philly area was to collaborate on a songwriting project with prolific Philadelphia songwriter, Chris Peace. I welcome the opportunity to do more of this sort. Chris approached me about a year ago and said “I’ve written something for you. Would you help me interpret it?” Um, hell yes. Chris has been a friend, a fellow songwriter and one of two main people (the other being Chad) that I’ve looked up to as an example of what it is to live in truth as a musician. He recognizes himself at his musical core and serves music joyfully (and skillfully). That’s it. I love his simplicity and strive towards it. If you want to hear what we did together, it’s just been released HERE.

Christine looks up edited


That’s what I want for the band as we move forward. More collaboration, more connection, more genuineness, less internal struggle, less hiding. I won’t be afraid any longer of my own thoughts being listened to…or ignored. I’ll let the truth fall where it does, because that’s what needs to happen.

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